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Elements of Nature is the password, as well as the keyword, of issue 123 of Collezioni Trends. Nature inspires with its elements the fabrics and materials for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. The yarns weave new knitwear stitches and, in this issue, also for knitted and jersey fabrics. The accessories and components complete the panorama of the proposals selected for the next warmer season. A brand new development: for the first time Collezioni Trends features the Pre-Fall 2018 womenswear collections, a prelude of the upcoming cold season, in addition to, as usual, a selection of Autumn/Winter 2018 menswear catwalk shows. Future trends in the Autumn/Winter 2019 previews suggest brand new colours, structures for fabrics and knitwear, patterns and motifs for prints. From fashion to the Interior Atmosphere section with home textiles and design alongside street references in the Ways of Life section to communicate the idea of a daily lifestyle that defines its choices in complete freedom.


Responsibility is the opening word of this issue

An opening word that identify the choices in favor of sustainability adopted by spinning mills that opt for transparent responsible supply chains, from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing processes. Always respecting mankind, respecting animals, respecting the environment.
Among the topics covered in this issue of Collezioni Trends:

- Spring/Summer 2019 previews in terms of yarns and knit stitches and in terms of fabrics
  alongside the inspirations behind the new leather structures and surfaces.
- an extensive review dedicated to knitwear from the latest round of womenswear and
  menswear fashion shows and focused on the most prominent design items.
- a path that unfolds among fashion, design and lifestyle to discover the latest new
  developments and to identify further suggestions and new solutions for the future.


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